Apr 132016

Ramsey-Collection-gallery viewOne of my favorite websites features The Ramsey Collection, an astounding art gallery located on the Square in downtown Hamilton. GRAFIX to go created its website and a detailed database identifying these works of art by Old Masters, American Masters, European painters, and Modernists. I invite you to visit the website — then the collection itself — and be as intrigued as I am with the depth of vision that Ray and Francis Ramsey possess.

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Ringness House Museum Hamilton Sheep Station Painted Gourd
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Amy Abbott Writes Evant church of Christ Hamilton Civic Theatre
Apr 132016

durty-spur-logoThis is the fourth year that I have made the website for the Durty Spur Trail Run. If you are a cross-country runner, you couldn’t pick a prettier time of year to be in Hamilton, Texas. The race course runs along a wildlife refuge, along creekbeds and among the trees.


Apr 132016

Designing website for the local political groups can be interesting. I am happy to see a two-party system working in Bosque County, although almost everyone I know votes for the person, not the party. This Democratic Club is enthusiastic, and I wish them well.