Apr 132016


An eye-catching and memorable logo is often the first step in the branding process. GRAFIX to go is ready to assist you in identifying your audience, appealing to their tastes, and creating a memorable logo to achieve your goals.

With your first glance at the logo on the right, you know this person is a writer. The typewriter keys are a dead giveaway. You know her name, Amy Abbott, and you can guess she is serious, with a touch of femininity. All that information came to you through the choice of typeface, the illustration, and the colors.

Even if you could not read the words on the logo at left, you could guess the subject was a long bicycle ride to the hills. Simple graphics convey an immediate message, often before your mind has had a chance to read the words.

When you are ready to promote your own business, come to GRAFIX to go to get your own logo in front of your customers.

Apr 132016

This is the time of the year when local ranchers are keeping all hours to help their livestock with birthing. JTS Farm raises Dorper Sheep and White Dorper Sheep, too. They will be entering their first show in April at the Mid-America Show and Sale in Duncan, Oklahoma.

It has been an education to put together the website and imagery for these little sheep. They are hardy blend of South African and Australian bloodlines, short-haired, and good meat animals. I hope the Partins of JTS Farm will benefit from this website so that their business continues to grow.

Apr 132016


As you can see below, I started with an existing website, and tightened it up with clear navigation and information. Sometimes, making a website is really a matter of sorting the words into a cohesive whole, breaking the ideas down into easy-to-grasp concepts. Since I knew nothing about worm farms, the road to understanding was authentic. GRAFIX to go made the new logo and designed the new website for Down to Earth Farm.