Apr 132016


It is a real pleasure to work with another artist – one who I admire greatly – to create a website together. Sharon and I have collaborated in the past, and it just gets easier and better with each new project.

Sharon Watts has a long career in commercial art, mostly whimsical cartoons, illustrations for Burberry or a Paris Parfum. Lately, she has cleaned out the old workshop and has constructed art pieces from a wild combination of rusty bits and buttons and sketches too. These are so autobiographical, that I have never asked her to sell one to me. It would be like selling a child into slavery, I expect.

Interspersed among the sketches and watercolor paintings and stitched collages and constructed pieces are the most interesting photographs. Where you or I might walk through the old house and dismiss the peeling paper, Sharon sees art, and her photographs make me see it too. Wandering through the burbs near her home near the Big Apple, Sharon’s eye falls on signage and bicycles and t-shirt stand and makes me see — again — what might have been overlooked.

Welcome to Sharon Watts Creative mind, I know you will enjoy her insight.