Apr 132016

Erica Herd has a one-woman show called “Alzheimer’s Blues” running in New York City and surrounding ‘burbs. She asked me to create some art for her new website ericaherd.com and I was happy to comply. I noticed a strong resemblance between Erica and her mother, the subject of “Alzheimer’s Blues.” So, I made this image, to highlight those similarities.


Nov 202014


Some of the photos from the first digital camera are pretty awful. It becomes a challenge to brighten them up, to remove harsh black spots and outlines. The cameras I use now take so much better photos, but I cannot ignore the beauty of the old ones. I am glad I captured this quiet sunny day in the side yard.

Sep 062013

20130906-201343.jpgSitting there in the park one summer evening, she kindly said I could photograph her. When I told her that I admired the elaborate knot of her headdress, she said that one could tell which village a girl came from by the way she tied her turban. Not wanting to impose further on her good nature, I didn’t ask what village she had journeyed so far from, so it remains a puzzle to solve at another date.


Model A - photo art

Model A – photo art

Although this photograph was taken in a less than ideal setting, I did not toss it out. I prefer to enhance such images, if possible. By removing the distracting background, […]

Mermaid - photo art

Mermaid – photo art

The rocking of the boat was my salt water cradle driving out all troubles, deadlines, and phonecalls, inserting wave laps, susurrating palms, and creaking wooden joists. Moonlight bathed my face […]

La Folklorica - photo art

La Folklorica – photo art

I invite you to sit on the porch of Mi Tierra restaurant In San Antonio, Texas. Before long, you will be serenaded by strolling mariachis, those guitar-strumming, cornet-playing, singing men […]

Taylor - photo art

Taylor – photo art

Taylor is the daughter of a friend of mine. She needed a poster for her part in a talent show on the last day of school. Taylor’s original idea was […]

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska

The wine, bread, and cheese, introductions, conversations, stories of travels came spiced with libations. The salad was tasty with laughter for dressing. The clinking of silverware echoed a blessing. While […]



Mimes, like many painted face clowns, have enjoyed less than open-arms welcome in recent years. But I know a mime, and a kinder, more empathetic person does not exist. Children […]

Killer of Angels

Killer of Angels

Kenneth Sibbett’s first novel, “Killer of Angels” deals with a psychotic murderer. My cover design shows a handsome fellow, little angel children reflected in his sunglasses. Even though the subject […]