May 232019
I was very happy to work with Nikki Stern again for her new police procedural novel, The Wedding Crasher. I was thinking of a bride’s bouquet, a torn photograph, a sense of threat. What’s great about working with Nikki is that she loved the idea and so do I — designing book covers is exceptionally gratifying.
Pick up a copy of Nikki’s The Wedding Crasher here.
Feb 122018

Nikki Stern’s suspense thriller was a joy to typeset and to create the book cover. Get a copy of the print book or one for your e-reader here.

Last Old Bear - Book Cover

Last Old Bear – Book Cover

Local author, J. Arthur Eidson, kindly brought his manuscript to GRAFIX to go for typesetting the interior and designing the book cover. His story takes place in the hills and […]

This Here Book - Book Cover

This Here Book – Book Cover

Billy McCool, local historian and all-around story teller, had been working on his notes for more than 40 years. His daughter, Sandi Harris, patiently worked with me to get the […]

Madre - graphic art

Madre – graphic art

I created this portrait of la Madre de Dios as a digital graphic using vectors. Back in April 2010, I wrote a story using it as the illustration. ~~~~~~~~ The […]

Lutefisk - graphic art

Lutefisk – graphic art

In Bosque County, Texas you will find many Norwegian descendants who hold on to the old ways. The city of Clifton has been recognized as the “Norwegian Capital of Texas.” […]

Blue Nude

Blue Nude

I made this art on a bet. I challenged myself to draw something, anything, using only elliptical shapes, with a limit of three colors. These kinds of drawings have a […]

Ayn Rand Joke

Ayn Rand Joke

When Stephen Colbert made a Valentine’s Day joke at Ayn Rand’s expense, I decided to illustrate it. I found an old photo of Ayn, added sketch details and some funky […]