Aug 272013

20130825-172515.jpg I love to visit Monticello (the little mountain), the home of Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, Virginia. When last I visited, the weather was cool and clear — a perfect day for enjoying one of the prettiest historical sites in America. During the many years I lived in that area, I managed to take a couple of “Jefferson and Monticello” seminars through the University of Virginia, I brought all my out-of-town visitors to Jefferson’s little mountain home, and sometimes, when I needed to get my head straight, just strolled in his gardens until the world was all better again.

20130825-225747.jpgRecent innovations at Monticello include the Visitor’s Center, museum, gift shop, and meeting rooms now being housed in new buildings at the base of Monticello next to the parking lot. All the units work as a whole in an attractive and convenient setting.

If you wanted a souvenir of Monticello, get a nickel. Jefferson’s on one side, Monticello’s south portico (as seen here) is on the other.

This view of the garden was one of Jefferson’s favorites. Mine too.

The little one room house was a home to Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, while the big house was under construction. She never lived in Monticello, dying young. But her daughter, son-in-law, and eight grandchildren lived with her widowed husband. Imagine their days on that place!