Aug 272013



After Wild Ben Hanlon returned from a trip to Austin one day, he swore he had seen boat-tailed grackles picking up french fries in parking lots and dangling them out of their beaks like cigarettes. They are such a nuisance to populated areas, gathering in huge congregations and liberally defecating on one and all. Since they are classified as migratory birds, it is illegal to shoot them. There are some folks (not naming any names, but his initials are W.B.H.) who think there ought to be an open season on the varmints, hence this poster idea.

To create the art, I first sketched the bird with a Sharpie® and then scanned in my sketch. All the rest was done in Photoshop, layers, typefaces, masks and shadows. I must say there was a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek involved too.